Ever watched the credits at the end of a movie and wondered what all of those people do?

Well, here’s your answer. Below is a simplified list with a real world description for most of those positions.

Key Grip

This is the head of the Grip Department. He works closely with the Gaffer to make sure that anything that supports the light source makes it to the same location as the lighting instruments including things to take away light. The grip and electrical department work hand in hand on most everything.

Best Boy

The Best Boy Grip is the right hand guy for the Key Grip and distributes all the information from the Key Grip that is needed to set up a scene. They also take on and help with the regular duties of a Grip.

Rigging Grip

On many occasions there will be a need for a special kind of rig in order to be able to capture a shot. This is where a Rigging Grip comes in handy. They build a rig to hold something and  help make a scene happen.

Dolly Grip

A Dolly Grip is in charge of anything that involves an actual camera dolly. They are in charge of building the dolly, putting down and leveling dolly track and pushing the dolly on the track itself.


This is the person who handles anything that supports the lighting department such as sandbags, stands, things that add or block light or rigging gear.


There is a Best Boy Electrician and a Best Boy Grip. They have similar roles but just in different departments.


If you do have something that you need a rig built for on your set, make sure that the rigging grip speaks with the DP and  looks at the storyboards for that particular shot


A dolly is what is used by the grip department to add motion to the camera. On your independent film, the key grip may also be the dolly grip.

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